Mobile App Development

Why is mobile application development important, what are the opportunities and challenges when building mobile apps, and how do you get started?

These are some questions I cover in this presentation which serves as an introduction to developers or stakeholders who are new to mobile app development.

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Strong opinions, weakly held and blogging

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for years but always struggled with what to write. Writing new, authentic and timely material is hard.

Software engineering is a constantly changing and fast paced industry, ideas and knowledge are quickly improving and I had a fear that the content I wrote wouldn’t age well.

I have strong opinions held weakly

To me this means writing about topics which are accurate today, but may change tomorrow. It means expressing opinions and taking actions based on the information and knowledge you have at hand, but being open and able to adapt to changes and new information. It does NOT mean that I change opinions easily, am a pushover, or that I don’t stand by my choices. In fact, on the contrary, I require facts or much convincing to change my mind!

I think this describes me well. I have a pragmatic approach to endeavors in life and I am constantly learning and improving. That’s how I’m going to treat this blog, and I hope I will learn as much from you readers as you do from me.

I’ll mostly be writing about software engineering, with a deeper focus on mobile and iOS development – which is what I do for a living.

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– Andrew

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